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Merlin Open For Discussion
18th-Sep-2013 01:27 pm
We for it'd be fun to create a safe place for people to discuss Merlin free from hate. The idea is to have 3 different topics for people to discuss and debate with each other every week. The only rule is that you do not hate on other users or characters/pairings etc...

  1. Posts can be as short or as long as your want.

  2. You don't have to answer all three topics, chose what topics you want to debate and make as many posts on them as you like.

  3. Non-members can post and anon comments are welcome.

  4. Hate will not be approved/will be deleted.

  5. To request a tag or topic just message us.

  6. We will remain unbiased to posts, as long as there is no hate it will be allowed.

Have fun everybody :)!
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